Ruby Training and Ruby on Rails Training exclusively

Public Classes

When you have a few people whom you'd like to learn Ruby or Rails, you may find it easier and more convenient to send them to one of our public classes.

BYOL — Bring Your Own Laptop

We tend to favor participants bringing their own (work) laptop to the class. We'll send detailed instructions, so they can install any necessary software prior to the first day of class. But using your own laptop means you know where everything is, your preferred customizations are in place, your favorite text editor and other well-known tools are installed, and all your course work will be there ready for you to access when you return to the workplace.

Benefits of Public Classes

Being Away

There are benefits to learning away from the workplace. No distractions, no questions from coworkers, no expectation that they will return to their desk during breaks. And if the things are a bit hectic at the workplace, being away reinforces the idea that learning is the priority and that they have left all the pressing work matters behind.

An Environment Designed for Learning

For our public training classes, we use rooms that are conducive for learning. They're quiet, spacious, have good lighting, and provide comfortable views of the instructor and the training material for all participants.