Ruby Training and Ruby on Rails Training exclusively

On-Site Classes

You provide the participants and the training room, and we will come to you.

Benefits of On-Site Training

Lowered Costs

If travel would be involved, it's generally far less expensive to handle the travel of one instructor (or two for particularly large classes) than all of the class participants.

A Familiar Environment

On-site training can provide a better learning experience for the participants. They don't have to alter their daily schedules or commutes, and their familiarity with the environment adds to their comfort. It is important, however, that their work-site distractions are minimized and that they are able to devote their full attention to the class.

Opportunity for Customization

Because you provide all the course participants, we can customize the course in terms of content and scheduling to your specific needs. We can start right where your participants are and plot a course to the point where you want them to end up. Furthermore examples and exercises can be (re-)designed to make them more applicable to your requirements.