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RubyConf '08

RubyConf '08 was an incredible conference. There were three tracks and plenty of great talks. It was difficult to choose what to attend. Fortunately, the talks will be made available at ConFreaks.

Eric's talk — Effective and Creative Coding: Help from Cognitive Psychology in Caring for the Rubyist's Mind — is available here.

Fall 2008: Ruby Workshop + Ruby Conference in Ann Arbor

In Fall 2008 we offered our Ruby Fundamentals Workshop from Wednesday, October 8th through Friday, October 10th in Ann Arbor. Additional information about this class can be found just below.

And then on Saturday, October 11th, Ann Arbor is hosting the Great Lakes Ruby Bash, a one-day regional Ruby conference.

Class participants can stay an extra day and enjoy the conference.

Great Lakes Ruby Bash 2008

Ann Arbor will be hosting the Great Lakes Ruby Bash, a one-day regional Ruby conference. Attendees are expected from all around the Great Lakes Region and beyond. The conference is only $50, and that includes lunch.

Ruby 1.9 Released

These slides give an overview of changes introduced in Ruby 1.9 and were prepared for a talk given to the Southeast Michigan Ruby Users' Group November 2007 meeting.

RubyConf 2007

These slides are from Eric's RubyConf 2007 presentation.